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Online Invoice Payments: An Easy Way to Increase Cash Flow

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Nic Beique | September 6, 2020

“Online invoice payments offer a quick, easy & secure way to increase cash flow for your business. Learn how to speed up your payment processing today.”
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    Many business owners struggle to get invoices paid on time.

    Needing to track down clients, make payment arrangements, and find missing invoices are all factors that can make the process of getting paid inefficient.

    Business owners can streamline their payment processes by intergrating invoicing software for small businesses to automate their invoicing and get paid easier. Using an invoicing tool that integrates with your payment processing software and has an embedded payment button at the top makes it easy for customers to click and pay instantly, and makes it easier for you to get paid faster.

    Increase Cash Flow

    Using online invoice payments makes it easy to create invoices and have your customers pay them quickly. By reducing the number of invoices that experience a delay in payment, your business's cash flow will be more predictable.

    Having consistent incoming cash will allow you to pay suppliers, rent, and other business expenses. Because you are spending less time drafting and sending invoices to customers, you'll be able to focus on growing your business, not chasing payments.

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    Efficient Business Processes

    Payments have gone digital. Not only are consumers comfortable making payments online using their credit cards, but most have also come to expect it. To ensure your business can efficiently accept payments, you need to make sure you can accept payments the way customers want to pay.

    By adding a built-in payment option to your invoices, you make it easier for customers to pay invoices the way they want. Online invoice payments allow you to create an invoice with a payment button, quickly email it to the client, and set automatic reminder emails for when the payment is due. Automating the payment process and reminder emails give you more time to focus on other tasks.

    Secure Customer Credit Card Information

    Helcim Commerce also includes a credit card vault that stores all your customers' credit card information, so you can quickly and easily process repeat payments. Credit card vaults allow customers to be billed directly using the information stored in your account from their initial purchase. Customers do not need to re-enter their credit card information, and you can opt to bill them directly instead of sending monthly invoices. These efficiencies speed up your payment process. To learn more about the credit card vault check out our article on how to that all works.

    Improve Client Relationships

    Besides being uncomfortable, having to confront clients for payments can create tension and damage your relationship with them. Easy to pay invoices allow you to stay out of your customers' way and focus on building a great relationship with your customers so you can retain them as long-term clients.

    By sending invoices through email with the option to pay with a credit card your customers can pay the invoice on their own time. If a customer forgets to pay the invoice on time, the automated email reminders will do the job of following up for you, and politely remind your customer that their invoice is due. Emailed invoices are a convenient and less confrontational way to ask for payments, removing the potential tension and awkward moments that can come with asking for payments face-to-face.

    The Dynamic Duo: Credit Card Processing + Invoicing

    Using invoicing software that integrates with credit cards allows your business to boost its cash flow, reduce the time spent on invoices, and focus on building a relationship with your customers.

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