Simplify Your Sales Tax with The Helcim Global Sales Tax Settings


Accurate Sales Taxes on all Channels

We know that as a small business owner your time is limited and valuable. That is why the Helcim Global Sales Tax Settings simplifies how you calculate sales tax. Using our all-in-one platform, you only need to set up your tax settings once. The settings will automatically apply to any new sales channels or applications you add making it easy to ensure you’re accurately collecting sales tax.

Helcim’s Global Tax Settings make it easy for you to be confident that your tax settings are accurate, whether you’re collecting payments for products and services in person, on the go, through invoices, or with ecommerce.

Simplify Your Sales-Tax Collection

By default, Global Sales Tax Settings conveniently include all the US and Canadian sales taxes within the Helcim platform. Both your business location and the location of your customer is configured to correctly calculate the state, provincial and federal taxes. So, if you’re a small business owner with limited time and resources, all you need to do is set up your online store or mobile app, and your sales taxes are automatically good to go.

Unlike other mobile payment applications where you are required to manually configure your tax settings, Helcim makes the setup seamless by automatically applying your business account tax settings to each application. This is helpful whether you’re managing a small or a large team because all users will automatically have the correct tax settings.

Sales tax settings are customizable. You simply edit them under Merchant Settings, or the individual product and service tax settings in your product catalog, and the changes are automatically applied across all channels. 

Getting Started

Using Global Sales Tax Settings makes it easy to ensure you’re collecting the correct sales taxes on each one of your transactions, no matter which channel you’re using. The Global Sales Tax Settings are included with our Helcim platform at no extra charge sign up today.

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