What You Need To Know About The Canada Digital Adoption Program

Canadian Parliament in Ottawa

What Is The Canada Digital Adoption Program?

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP for short) is a government-sponsored initiative aimed at helping small and medium sized businesses adopt new technologies. As large companies begin to move toward conducting their business online, some smaller enterprises are lagging behind, and the government wants to help those businesses stay competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace.

How Does The Program Help Business Owners?

The CDAP will offer two kinds of specific support for businesses, labelled Stream 1 and Stream 2. 

  • Stream 1 will be aimed at e-commerce and helping companies grow the online element of their business. 
  • Stream 2 on the other hand will be directed at boosting business technology adoption and implementation.

Stream 1 In More Detail:

Specifically, Stream 1 will offer microgrants to business owners for e-commerce purposes and access to “a network of digital experts to introduce and help them use their digital tools”. This grant will be for businesses who have yet to take advantage of e-commerce opportunities. Stream 1 funding will include:

-A grant in the amount of $2400 to help with digital adoption costs

Stream 2 In More Detail:

Stream 2 will also offer grants, but those funds will be aimed at covering the cost of digital advisory services, as well as employment for tech-savvy youth (likely in a similar vein to Young Canada Works, or perhaps even under the umbrella of YCW) to be hired by small businesses who want help with the digital/online elements of their business. Stream 2 funding will include:

-A grant covering 90% of the cost of developing a digital plan, up to $15,000

-An interest free loan to support the plan of up to $100,000

-A wage subsidy for hiring youth to a maximum of $7300

When Do Applications For The CDAP Open?

For more information on when applications for the CDAP open and how to apply, visit the program’s home page.

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