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We launched our Merchants of Helcim series to showcase some of our merchants and get to know their stories. We’re so proud to be able to provide payment and software solutions for a wide range of businesses across many different industries, and this series gives us an opportunity to introduce some of the great people that we get to work with every day.

MOST Physical Preparation is more than just a gym, they are a movement-based fitness facility and multidisciplinary clinic that supports athletes and patients in achieving their health and fitness goals. Jenn and David Swagar, the owners of MOST Physical Preparation, recently moved into a spacious 5,400 sq. ft facility that offers their clients side by side training floors and turf, in addition to three different treatment rooms and an infrared sauna.

Jenn and David are all about building community. From the team members they hire to execute their vision for MOST Physical Preparation, to choosing their payment processor, they have embraced a sense of local community. “We initially considered Helcim as our payments processor because we strive to support local business as much as possible,” says David. He explains that they are focused on building community not just within their facility but throughout everything they do in Calgary. David explains, “It is our belief that trying to fulfill our business needs with local merchants is always beneficial.”

With their impressive educational backgrounds, Jenn and David are able to seamlessly merge physical therapy treatments with training programs into a comprehensive approach to helping people meet their goals. When athletes are training in the gym, the coaches and trainers can spot areas of improvement and make adjustments in the moment on the fly, then let the athlete resume training so they can evaluate if the adjustment has made an improvement or if more work is needed.

We were able to get a live demonstration on how David combines therapy with training as he adjusted an athlete to improve their movement while they were doing squats. Helcim CEO Nic also took the opportunity to get some advice on how he moves, and what he can do to move better and reduce pain.

Jenn noted that she often incorporates kettlebells, ropes, gymnastics, and other activities that many people have not done since they were children because of their great health benefits for adults. She also commented that she wishes more people were able to continue to find joy in movement, such as running, when they are adults and not just as kids.

Jenn and David focus on finding training and therapy options for their clients that are not too expensive or too boring, so clients are able to stick to the plans and get to a place where they can move without pain. David explained that they often start with a one-on-one session to get to the root of the problem and then clients can come in for corrective blocks with a monthly membership that is comparable in cost to just two sessions with a personal trainer.

With Jenn and David’s multi-disciplinary approach, MOST Physical Preparation is able to offer services that are well suited for everyone from elite athletes to grandparents who just want to be able to chase after their grandkids on the weekends.

The Helcim team can definitely be guilty of spending a lot of time sitting behind a desk so we really appreciated the insights into how we can all move better and embrace being active.  

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