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Response Variables

Each response variable is returned as a value pair (i.e.: response=1). Each value pair is separated by a carriage-return and line feed. If the responseMessage or noticeMessage variables contain more than one error, each error is further separated by a line feed.

Name Type Description
orderId 50/alpha Order id. If set in request, response will be the same.
response 1/numeric 1 = approved, 0 = declined
responseMessage alpha Response description.
noticeMessage alpha This will be returned if there was a problem with an optional request variable. For example if the billingName is over 100 characters, it will be truncated and a message will be displayed here.
date yyyy-mm-dd Date transaction was processed in the format of: yyyy-mm-dd.
time ##:##:## Time transaction was processed in the format of: ##:##:##.
type alpha Transaction type.
cardholderName 100/alpha Name of card holder.
amount 10,2/decimal Transaction amount.
cardNumber 12/alpha First four and last four digits of the card number in the format of: ####****####.
cardToken 23/alpha The credit card token. Can be used for future transactions.
transactionId 10/numeric Transaction identifier.
expiryDate 4/numeric Card expiry date if the format of: MMYY.
cardType alpha Type of card used in transaction (i.e. Visa, MasterCard)
avsResponse 1/alpha Address verification response.
cvvResponse 1/alpha CVV2 verification response.
approvalCode 6/alpha The approval code provided by the bank network.