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Tax settings

Helcim Commerce calculates taxes on orders and purchases automatically, unless the product is marked as tax exempt. The billing address determines the applicable taxes - you must have your customer's address in the system if you want Commerce to correctly auto-calculate taxes. Helcim Commerce has Canadian and U.S. tax defaults based on the Province/State. If you need to add a tax for a specific country or edit the existing taxes, you can do so by following the steps below. 


Adding a new tax

1) Select the Orders tab and click on Taxes.


2) Click on New Tax Region.


3) Enter the new tax information. Select the country using the drop down, enter the name of the tax and the rate. Click Save to create the new tax. 


4) A confirmation will show that the new tax region has been created. 


Now, every time the shipping address that will contain Spain will have the 18% added. 


Editing an existing tax

1) Select the Orders tab and click on Taxes.


2) Select which tax you would like to edit.


3) Click the Edit button.


4) Make the adjustments you would like and click Save.


****PLEASE REMEMBERif there are any changes in Canadian or United States taxes on the Federal, Provincial or State levels Helcim Commerce will automatically update them.