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New Configuration

Helcim.js requires a configuration to be created in order to work. This configuration will control your transaction and security settings, ensuring that the end-user cannot modify your desired settings. To create a new configuration, login to Helcim Commerce:
  • General Settings
    • Status = Whether you want to enable this configuration.
    • Name = A nickname for your reference.

  • Transaction Settings
    • Test Mode = Whether transactions should be processed live or in test-mode.
    • Transaction Type = The type of transaction you wish to process, such as "purchase" or "verify".
    • Currency = The transaction currency (must be supported by the terminal).
    • Terminal = The terminal to use for the transaction.

  • Security Settings (optional)
    • Enforce Hashing = Whether amount hashing is required. Please see hashing instructions for more details.
    • Amount Minimum = The minimum amount that can be processed using this configuration. Setting a minimum helps prevent card-testing on your checkout page.
    • Amount Maximum = The maximum amount that can be processed using this configuraiton. 0 = no limit.

Once created, a configuration "token" will appear. You can copy and paste this token as part of your Helcim.js HTML integration.