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Payment Processing

An All-In-One System With Built-in Payments

Payments was never an afterthought nor an add-on to our software, Helcim Commerce was built with payments at its core. Every feature enables you to sell more, get paid faster and grow your business. The need for merchants to accept payments drove the development of our all-in-one platform, built so you can do more business.

Every Helcim Commerce platform comes with a built-in merchant account, so that you can accept credit card transactions. We also offer a full range of payment solutions, from traditional terminals, to hosted payment pages, virtual terminals and payment gateways. As a payments company, we don't shy away from complex payment offerings such as multi-currency processing, multi-merchant ID and level 3 data processing.

Helcim Commerce also comes with built-in card tokenization and an easy-to-use credit card vault. We enable you to process payments while reducing your scope of security and compliance.

SurfacePro displaying the Helcim Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal Makes Processing Payments Easy

Accepting Credit Cards From Any Computer

Logging into the virtual terminal is easy to do from any computer. You then enter your customer’s credit card information. You can also enter additional information including the CVV (the card security code), customer billing and shipping addresses and invoicing information. Transactions are processed in real-time and deposited to your bank account.

Smarter Than Your Average Virtual Terminal

Built-into Helcim Commerce, the virtual terminal interacts with the rest of the platform by updating the card-vault, creating new customer profiles, generating new orders, marking invoices as paid, and automatically sending payment receipts to customers.

Process a Wide-Range of Transaction Types

  • Credit Card Sales
  • Pre-Authorization and Captures
  • Refunds and Voids
  • Recurring Payments
  • Misc Tenders, including Cash, Checks, Bank Deposits
  • ACH E-Checks

Complete Access To Your Transaction History

Browse through your transaction history, reprint receipts and manage your daily totals all with a few clicks. Batches are preset to settle daily but can be adjusted to settle manually. Your daily totals are broken down by card type to simplify settlements.

Batch Management Infographic

Batch Management

Keep Track of Your Daily Totals and Deposits

A payment platform would not be complete without a serious batch-management system. Helcim Commerce lets you see your daily credit card batch totals, perform settlements as you need and generate batch reports on the fly. Batches are automatically settled daily at your desired time.

Multi-Currency Infographic


Accept Payments In a Wide-Range of Currencies

By default, your Helcim merchant account will let you accept credit cards from customers anywhere in the world. Multi-currency is also supported through the Helcim Commerce platform, letting you create invoices, setup payment pages and accept payments in the currency of your choice.

Helcim Fraud Defender

Helps You Fight Credit Card Fraud

Reduce your risk of chargeback with the built-in Helcim Fraud Defender. Every transaction is analyzed on 7 factors to help you determine the risk level of a transaction. Factors include customer IP address, billing and shipping address, transaction history, and issuing bank locations.

You can set the Helcim Fraud Defender to automatically decline transactions based on score levels, or you can manually review each transaction.

E-Checks Infographic

ACH E-Checks

Accept ACH Payments as well as Credit Cards

You can also add ACH E-Check processing to your merchant account. ACH stands for Automated Clearing House and allows electronic bank account payments. Helcim Commerce supports ACH processing throughout the regular payment entry methods, including the virtual terminal, payment pages, Helcim.js, gateway API and self-service customer portal. You can also use the card-vault to store sensitive bank account information, which provides you with the same tokenization system as traditional credit cards.

Payment gateway API Infographic

Payment Gateway API

Developer Tools for Custom Integrations

Helcim Commerce comes with a full payment gateway API, allowing you to integrate your website, shopping cart, billing system or app directly into our payment platform. You can process transactions including sales, pre-authorizations, captures, voids, refunds, recurring payments, card-tokens and more.

Stylized computer laptop with a screenshot of a hosted payment page

Hosted Payments Pages

Highly-Flexible And Secure Payment Entry

Our hosted payment pages are an easy and secure way of accepting payments online, yet provide a wide range of applications based on your needs.

They can be used to accept payments, register customers, save credit cards to the vault, subscribe users to recurring payment plans and even be used as a full shopping-cart checkout system.

Custom Data Fields

Your payment page can be as simple as asking for credit card information, or can be made to display items purchased, require billing and shipping information, and much more. You can select what fields are shown, what fields are required and can even create your own unique fields such as text, drop-down and checkbox selections.

Fully Customizable Design

You can customize and brand your payments pages using the easy-to-use Theme Designer. Upload your logo, modify which fields to display and create custom headers and footers using our content-management-system. Advanced users can fully modify the payment page’s CSS (cascading style sheets).

Full Shopping Cart Mode

The hosted payment pages can also be used as a shopping cart. You can add “Buy Buttons” to any website without having to enable the full Online Store. Customers will be able to add and remove items, and the shopping cart will calculate taxes and totals. Live shipping integration with major shipping providers is also supported.

Easy Wizard To Get Started

While the hosted pages support a wide range of features, getting started is easy thanks to the new page wizard. Create a new payment page that fits your needs with an easy step-by-step process.


The Magic Payment Solution You've Been Looking For

Helcim.js is the ultimate solution for developers looking for control over their user experience while reducing their scope of compliance.

Infographic about how Helcim JS works

JavaScript Client-Side Processing

Helcim.js is a developer tool that is part of our Helcim Commerce platform. It gives you better control of your online processing, while drastically reducing your security and PCI compliance scope. Helcim.js can be used to either process transactions or to tokenize credit cards or bank accounts. When used in conjunction with the Helcim Commerce API, you can achieve full control without the liability of storing and transmitting sensitive cardholder data.

Super Easy Integration, Powerful Tools

Adding Helcim.js to your website is as easy as adding a few lines of HTML. Helcim Commerce even provides you with a code-generator tool to easily deploy a new instance of Helcim.js to your website. While it can be used in conjunction with our payment gateway API, Helcim.js can easily be deployed as a stand-alone tool to accept payments on your website or for adding customers and credit cards to your card-vault.