Payment Solutions for Your Business

Accept Major Credit Cards

Choose the payment solutions you need for processing online, in person or on the go. Get set up to accept payments by cards using chip and PIN, tap and pay, or by swiping. You can also manually key-in information for online or over the phone purchases. Our robust payment processing options include virtual terminals, point-of-sale, mobile apps, a payment gateway, credit and debit machines or a combination.

Customize your account to suit your business. We’re constantly adding features and functions to help you run your business and provide new services to your customers. Add features such as electronic gift cards, American Express, multi-currency processing or ACH.

Built-in Merchant Account

Your payment processing solution has a built-in merchant account for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, China UnionPay, American Express OptBlue, JCB and Visa Debit. This means you don’t have to visit a bank or open another account.

EMV (Chip Cards)

Fraud Liability Reduction

Chip cards are a new kind of technology designed to reduce credit card fraud. This technology is replacing magnetic stripe cards. Also known as smart cards, chip and PIN (EMV which stands for EuroPay MasterCard Visa), cards have a small microchip embedded inside that safeguards information.

Credit Card with an EMV Chip
Credit Card with an EMV Chip
Apple Watch Used for Apple Pay
Apple Watch Used for Apple Pay

Tap and Pay (NFC)

A Faster, More Convenient Way to Pay

Tap and pay is a form of payment that allows a customer to tap a card or device against your card reader to pay instead of inserting a card. Information is shared between the card or device and your card reader through radio technology called near-field communication (NFC).

Tap and pay benefits include faster transactions than those made with cash or chip and PIN cards, as well as the acceptance of "wallet-less" customers using devices loaded with Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and other "alternative" payment methods.

Advantages of Accepting Credit Cards

Speed Up Your Transactions

Authorizing a credit card takes only a few seconds, giving you more time to manage the rest of your business. Our innovative features also let you seamlessly process additional payments.

Stop Chasing Cheques

Most customers will settle up sooner if they can use their credit card, helping you increase your cash-flow by receiving your funds the next day.

Larger Tickets

Customers are more comfortable making larger purchases using their credit card, knowing that they are protected by their bank’s cardholder policies.

Expand Your Market

Visa and MasterCard are international brands. By accepting these you gain potential customers in over 170 countries, able to pay you with just a few clicks.