Recurring Payments & Subscriptions.

Set up automatic payments and billing with ease. Use the card vault to save customer information and automatically process payments when they're due.

Recurring Payments & Subscription Management
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Everything You Need to Automate Your Billing.

  • Payments First

    Helcim's recurring payment plans are built to help you get paid faster. You can generate unlimited custom recurring billing plans from your Helcim account. Use subscription plans, free trials, prorated plans, and add-ons to build a unique payment experience for your customers.

  • Keep Customer Information Secure

    We take care of securing your customer’s information, so you don’t have to. Customer information is tokenized and securely stored on our servers, so you can easily access customer information when you need it, without having to take on the security risk.

    Explore the Helcim Card Vault
  • Easy to Use Self-Service Options

    Use the Helcim Customer Portal to get customers the information they want while reducing your workload. Customers can log in to see which payment plans they’re subscribed to, view their payment history, and update their information.

    Explore the Helcim Self-Serve Customer Portal
  • Set up Free Trials

    Give customers access to a free trial before they commit to a paid plan. You can set the length of the trial and use the automatic email prompts to turn trial customers into paid customers once the free trial is up.

  • Manage Your Subscribers

    Adding and maintaining your customer information is easy. Use Helcim’s Customer Manager to upload your customer list, add customers manually, or choose customer profiles from your existing database.

    Explore Helcim Customer Manager
  • Keep in Touch With Your Customers

    With built-in email functionality and templates, you don’t need to build custom campaigns to keep in touch with your customers. Use the templates included in your account to automatically send emails and notices to your customers when their free trials are ending, if they have outdated payment information, or to let them know about an upcoming bill.

Helcim's Powerful Payments are Bulit-in

Helcim's Powerful Payments are Built-In.

As with all of our tools, payments are central to the experience. Even with online payments, you benefit from Helcim's lower rates and fast deposits.

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Create the Plan You Need.

Helcim offers robust recurring options, allowing you to create an array of unique subscription plans tailored to your business. Subscribed customers are automatically notified and billed each cycle, and the payment will be charged to the credit card in their customer profile.

Create the plan you need
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Prorated Billing

Avoid over-charging or under-charging your customers by activating prorated billing and charging your customers per day from the date of their activation.

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Metered Billing

Metered billing allows you to better align price with value by charging your customers based on usage data or entering monthly totals.

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One-Time Fees & Add-Ons

Have an initial setup fee? Include one-time fees, event registration fees, or upsell your products and services as add-ons to your base subscription fee.

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Get Ahead of Attrition.

Dunning Management & Churn Analysis

  • Update Card Information Before it Expires

    Automated dunning management tools keep your subscribers engaged and payments flowing. Helcim will automatically notify a customer if a card on file is about to expire, allowing customers time to log into the customer portal and update their payment information, with no action required from you.

  • Get Useful Insights Into Why Customers Cancel

    If a subscriber decides to cancel their subscription, detailed churn analysis reports help you understand why, how, and when they left, allowing you to diagnose potential problems and reduce your churn.

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