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Helcim Enables Restaurants to Accept Orders Online

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Miranda Russell | May 4, 2020

“Restaurants and related businesses can quickly set up a Helcim Online Store and add their products to a Quick-Order Menu.”
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    Use the Helcim Online Store and Quick-Order Menus to take back control of your customer's online orders.

    The Helcim Online Store has been updated with some exciting new features! One such feature is the new Helcim Online Food Ordering which has been designed specifically for restaurants and food & beverage businesses. It allows businesses to set up online food ordering so their customers can easily order their favorite delivery and take-out items online.

    With Helcim, restaurants, bakeries, breweries, liquor stores, and all related businesses can set up an Online Store and add their products to a Quick-Order Menu so their customers can easily place online orders for take-out or curbside pickup. If your business offers delivery, you can also collect the customer's address and delivery instructions to pass on to your delivery team. It's easy to create a Quick-Order Menu and link to it from your existing website or use Helcim's fully-hosted Online Store to create a brand new one.

    The Helcim Online Store and Online Food Ordering make it easy for you to add ecommerce functionality to your business. These tools make it easy to:

    • Integrate your existing Helcim settings, such as tax settings, into your online store
    • Offer a fast and simple checkout experience to customers with our great, affordable payments built right in
    • Let customers customize their orders using Product Add-Ons
    • Take control of your online orders and your customer experience
    • Use the embed function to add an Online Food Ordering to your existing website

    Both the Helcim Online Store and Helcim Online Food Ordering are already included at no additional cost with every Helcim account. To get started simply log in and add your products or menu items to your account, then specify which items are available online and set pricing, add photos, create add-ons, or change the descriptions.

    To help you keep track of your incoming online orders you can use the Helcim Order Manager to view all of your online orders in one place. Use the tabs in the Order Manager to update the order status as it moves from Paid to Shipped, or Completed.

    Two Ways to Use the Quick-Order Menu

    If you do not already have a website, you can create a brand new, fully hosted online store with Helcim and add a Quick-Order Menu in minutes. Your Helcim account includes a default subdomain that you can begin using right away. If you have an existing website for your business, you can simply link to it from your existing website, or use the embed function to embed your new Quick-Order Menu right on your site using a link or a button. We provide you with the HTML code and you just copy it onto your site, no programming needed.

    Ditch the Food Delivery Apps

    The Helcim team wanted to give businesses in the food and beverage industry an alternative to expensive third-party apps that can drastically cut into profit margins. With Helcim Online Food Ordering, you control your prices, delivery fees, and product offerings. You can include menu items, shipping options, and merchandise to give customers more options while maintaining complete control over the online sales experience. By ditching the food delivery apps, not only do you keep more of what's yours in your hard-earned profits, but you also remove the barrier between you and your customers while having complete control over the experience you offer them.

    So take back control of your take-out and try Helcim Food Ordering today!

    Not a Helcim Merchant?

    If your food & beverage business needs to accept credit and debit cards in person or online, Helcim provides honest, transparent, and affordable credit card processing that stands out in an industry known for shady business practices and customer exploitation. Our Interchange Plus pricing is widely regarded as the most honest and affordable billing method in the industry and our customer service is consistently lauded as a step above. If you have any questions or would like a complimentary rate comparison, don't hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Service Team.

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