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The All New Helcim POS

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Danny Randell | July 28, 2021

“Our new POS features an easier to navigate checkout page so you can add items to your cart and serve customers even faster.”
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    Introducing the reimagined Helcim POS!

    We are so excited to present our all-new Helcim Point-of-Sale. Our new POS features an easier to navigate checkout page so you can add items to your cart and serve customers even faster, plus new capabilities which were previously unavailable.

    Now with the Helcim POS, you can toggle between payments and POS views depending on your payment needs. The products from your account are automatically sorted into categories making it easy to scroll through your inventory and select products. Have a super popular product that customers regularly purchase? Add it to your favorites category so it's always ultra accessible.

    When it comes to enhanced product functionality, we've added "quick products" which are temporary items you can add for one-time purchases. We've also made it easy to add permanent products to your inventory directly from the point-of-sale.

    Additional updates include the ability to add line-item notes for products, quickly discount either individual products or entire orders, and link purchase to customer profiles for easy tracking of order history.

    But wait, there's more!

    Your Helcim Merchant Platform now also includes an enhanced user interface and user friendly navigation. The best part of this new update is that now you can pin your favorite tools to make them easier than ever to access.

    We hope you enjoy the new updates to your Helcim Point-of-Sale and Merchant Platform. Have feedback? Remember, we're constantly working on updating and improving, so we'd love to hear from you!

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