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Better Deposits and Better Payments for Lawyers

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Miranda Russell | September 17, 2020

“Split-Deposits to Trust and Operating Bank Accounts designed specifically for those in the legal industry. Payment processing for legal firms.”
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    Last Updated on March 15, 2024 by May Montenegro

    Helcim is IOLTA-ready with Split-Deposits designed specifically for those in the legal industry

    If you're a lawyer or work in the legal industry, you know how important it is to establish separate bank accounts to properly track and reconcile client payments. With Helcim, it's easy to configure your bank accounts to meet your business needs using the self-service options within your Helcim account.

    You can specify which account will be used for funds being held in trust, and your payments will be deposited for the full amount while all fees are withdrawn from your designated operating account. You can easily upload your banking information and drag and drop accounts to assign each account's function as needed. The self-serve capability makes it easy for you to update and edit accounts whenever you need to.

    The ability to set up split-deposits to trust and operating bank accounts is just one of the ways that Helcim makes it easier for lawyers to accept payments. Law offices that sign up for Helcim immediately have access tools that allow them to manage payments, remind clients when payments are due, and reconcile their payment records.

    No matter how you're accepting payments, all of your client's sensitive payment information is securely stored in the Helcim Card Vault. We treat your business data and client's payment information the same as our own. Helcim will securely store your client's payment information while still allowing you access when you need to process a repeat payment.

    Your Helcim account provides one easy point of access to all the tools you need to accept payments and manage your business. No matter how you choose to accept payments, your deposits will be completed within two business days and sent to the account you specified when setting up your account.

    Online Invoicing

    Still doing snail mail for your invoices? Consider switching to Helcim's Invoicing tool. In just a few clicks your clients will receive their billing straight from their inbox and has a convenient Pay Now button that lets them choose between credit card or ACH payments. You can also remind clients when payments are due by sending payment requests as text messages or as email reminders. If you often find the end of the month means chasing down outstanding payments from multiple clients, the Order Due tool can help you automatically send reminders in bulk to clients with outstanding invoices.

    There also might be instances of clients phoning in with their bank or credit card info, Helcim equips you for those moments too with our virtual terminal. Easily punch in their card or ACH info and you can securely collect payment right there and then. No equipment needed!

    Have clients paying you at your office? For seamless in-person payment processing, consider our all-in-one Helcim Smart Terminal. This device is more than just a payment terminal; it’s a complete Point of Sale (POS) system built into one sleek unit. Effortlessly link invoices or customers, accept payments (with the option to apply surcharging to pass processing fees onto your clients), and issue printed or digital receipts—all from the same device. However, if you are in need of a portable device that can be connected to a workstation, tablet, or phone then the Helcim Card Reader with the Helcim Payments app would be your best bet.

    Ready to Switch to Helcim?

    If you're a lawyer or law firm that has signed up for Helcim, your account automatically includes split-deposits to trust and operating bank accounts, for no additional fee. Learn more about how to update your banking information, or [let us know](let us know) what other features you'd like to see that would make Helcim work better for you.

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