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Supporting Women In Tech — International Women's Day March 8, 2023

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Kaitie Weaver | March 6, 2023

“On International Women's Day, Helcim is taking action to support diversity and inclusion by partnering with Chic Geek.”
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    This March eighth, on International Women's Day we celebrate the unstoppable force that is women! It's a chance to raise a glass and give a round of applause to all the trailblazers who've paved the way for diversity in the workplace and beyond. But let's not forget, there's still work to be done and use this day to acknowledge the elephant in the room and face the tough truth about the disparities that still persist. After all, change doesn't happen by itself, and it's up to us to be the change-makers.

    At Helcim we are committed to ensuring diverse teams exist throughout the company but we’re not just satisfied with having a seat at the table for women, and know that a truly diverse team can only happen when we roll up our sleeves and focus on attracting and retaining more women in the tech industry. Currently, just 25% of tech roles are occupied by women. And of those, a devastating 56% leave mid way through their career. People assume this is because women are starting families and have conflicting home priorities, but research shows that is not the reason for women’s departures.

    So why are women in tech leaving the industry at such alarming rates?

    Put simply: They can't see a clear pathway for career advancement in the industry.

    The power of role models and community in the tech sector cannot be overstated. That's why we at Helcim are thrilled to partner with Chic Geek for the third year in a row. Our partnership will help women in tech unleash their full potential through career pathing programs and help amplify Chic Geek’s mission to bring more women into tech— and keep them there.

    To kick off the new year of partnership, and celebrate International Women's Day, Helcim has designed a t-shirt to create more visibility of mentors and allies that support diverse and inclusive teams. Join us in making a positive impact, with all sales of the tee going to support Chic Geek.

    Helcim Celebrates International Women's Day

    The t-shirt, designed by female artist and Helcim in-house designer Gina Gong, depicts a fierce lioness surrounded by binary code—symbolizing the strength of diverse tech teams. The tagline beyond limits is meant to empower women who are considering pursuing a role in tech to break down barriers and speaks to the limitless growth we believe they can experience throughout their careers.

    Join us in making a difference and reaching our donation goal of $10,000! Make a statement and show your support by grabbing a Beyond Limits t-shirt for yourself, your co-workers, and your loved ones.. All proceeds will go to support more diverse teams across our industry. Don't just wait for change, be a part of it and join us in our mission this International Women’s Day.

    To order please visit our shop online here.

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