How Helcim Securely Stores Customer Information
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How Helcim Securely Stores Customer Information

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Nic Beique | November 12, 2020

“Storing data can be a key element of your business. Make sure your payment provider offers secure storage & handling for sensitive data.”
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    Being able to store customer data efficiently can help your business in a multitude of ways.

    Helcim lets you securely store customer information and credit card details for easy repeat payments in the future, no matter whether customers are interacting with you through your online store or you're accepting payment using the virtual terminal. This data can also be used for analyzing trends in customer purchasing decisions to find potential patterns that can help you better strategize your business marketing and more. Read on to learn about how Helcim makes it easy to store this information all in one place, making it easier for you to successfully run your business.

    Customer Management

    Helcim offers a customer management tool that keeps all your customer information easily stored in one place. You can track prior orders, shipping addresses, and card details for each customer. You can even add notes on customer profiles for future reference or to provide additional insights for you and your team. This customer data is accessible from their cloud-based platform, so you can quickly access your customer database anywhere you can connect to the internet. This allows you to understand what your customers expect from your business. You can also utilize Helcim's different tools to enhance your customer experience. Use the automated email templates to let customers know when a payment is due or if they need to update their payment details. When a repeat customer calls to make another purchase, you can use the readily available customer information to help process payments faster or create a recurring payment plan so payments happen automatically. Be sure to look at customer habits within this data to help you market more effectively or make adjustments to your product offerings. If you're using an online store for credit card processing with Helcim, try customizing the data fields so you can collect the exact information you need from your customer.

    Credit Card Vault

    Helcim tokenizes credit card information, meaning they take on the risk involved with storing sensitive payment information. Their platform is PCI compliant and it doesn't cost you extra to store information in the credit card vault. You can still easily access all of the information you need, but this way, it never touches your system which reduces your compliance requirements. It doesn't matter if you're using virtual terminal credit card processing or accepting a transaction in person; everything is securely stored in one place with Helcim. Repeat customers also enjoy this feature because future payments can be a breeze. Helcim's databases are automatically backed up each day to protect you and your business from losing potentially pertinent information. Multi-factor authentication and password protection options create an additional level of security.

    Self-Service Portal

    Keeping customer information up to date and accessible helps both you and your customers. Helcim offers a self-service customer portal that allows customers to view their past orders and change payment details if necessary. Giving customers a self-service option can cut down on the amount of time you spend providing support and answering basic questions. Helcim helps you create a branded customer portal that feels consistent with your business's brand and gives customers a way to interact with your business outside of regular hours. For added security, consider adding password requirements or session timers to help create a secure portal for your customers.

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