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Selecting Secure Payment Providers: 4 Considerations

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Nic Beique | October 15, 2020

“Selecting Secure Payment Providers: 4 Considerations - Helcim”
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    The Importance of a Secure Payment Processor

    When it comes to credit card processing, you want to be confident that your credit card processor is keeping your payment information safe and secure. If you're running a business, you have an endless list of things to keep track of and manage, all while complying with different policies and regulations depending on your industry. Selecting a payments provider that offers secure processing through a virtual terminal can help you focus on other elements of your business, knowing that you have the tools needed to accept payments and that your company and customer information is safe. Read on to learn about what a company should include when they are offering secure transaction services.

    Fraud Defense

    Having access to additional tools like AVS or an internal fraud monitoring software can help your minimize your risk of chargebacks. When it comes to selecting a provider for your credit card processing, look for a company that offers analysis options to measure the potential risk associated with each transaction. Using these tools can make it easy to alert your team when a high-risk transaction comes up. You get to decide if you want to allow the transaction, or if you prefer to decline it. You may want to consider a provider that offers the ability to set parameters depending on your risk level to automatically decline transactions that score below a certain threshold. Having access to these types of fraud detection tools can help minimize your risk of profit loss.

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    Payment Card Industry Compliance

    Completing your Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is a necessity to help keep your business secure. Whether you're using virtual terminal credit card processing or accepting payments through an online store, opt for a platform that is fully PCI compliant to minimize your PCI requirements and to help you avoid additional fees. PCI compliance is an important part of payment processing and knowing you're compliant can help put you and your business at ease, knowing that you are meeting industry rules and guidelines with each customer transaction.

    Easy Integration

    Finding a credit card processing company that offers a variety of services and integration options can simplify your business process and improve your customer experience. Effective integrations can make it easier for you to update your inventory, complete your bookkeeping, and allow updates to sync across all elements of your account. Partnering with a payments company that offers effective integrations can save you time and make it easier to store and track sensitive business information like user data and transaction records. As an added bonus, having the ability to create unlimited user accounts with customized permissions can make it easy to give different access to your front of house staff vs your accountant.

    Company Values

    Deciding which merchant account provider is right for your business can be a big decision. Who you partner with can impact the effectiveness of your business and the security of your transactions. That's why it's important to take the time to review the reputation of each provider and their values to get a sense of their priorities as a business. Putting an emphasis on choosing a company that puts honesty and transparency first can help you select a payments provider who can become a long-term partner for your business. Choosing a company that is already trusted by thousands of other companies and provides easy to access customer support can also help you feel confident in your decision. Having access to a reputable customer service team can also help you address questions or any concerns when they arise.

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