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Merchants of Helcim - FMI Professional Locksmiths

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Miranda Russell | November 16, 2022

“The Helcim Team met up with Fumi from FMI Professional Locksmiths to learn more about his business and get an inside look at what his day looks like. Fumi runs”
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    Merchants of Helcim Series

    We launched our Merchants of Helcim series to showcase some of our merchants and get to know their stories. We're so proud to be able to provide payment and software solutions for a wide range of businesses across many different industries, and this series gives us an opportunity to introduce some of the great people that we get to work with every day.

    The Helcim Team met up with Fumi from FMI Professional Locksmiths to learn more about his business and get an inside look at what his day looks like. Fumi runs FMI Professional Locksmiths primarily as a mobile business out of his van because, as a locksmith, he needs to be able to meet people and businesses wherever they might be located. The company specializes in magnetic strikes which they often install for security companies, commercial building security, and responding to requests for open-ups, break-in repairs, and key cutting.

    Fumi describes his business as being a front line security company that provides all the hardware required to provide protection to homes and businesses across Calgary. To Fumi, being a locksmith means that he's giving a feeling of security to people by providing secure and reliable lock systems and monitoring to his customers.

    Fumi selected Helcim as his payment provider because of our rates and the mobile application, which makes it easy for him to process customer payments at the job site. He explained that being able to accept payments on his phone makes getting paid easy and that customers appreciate being able to know their payment has been approved right away.

    During our visit with Fumi, he shared helpful tips for home security that he has picked up over his ten years of working as a locksmith. He also shared some interesting insights like all doors facing NW in Calgary take the biggest beating because of the weather and how many poorly installed deadbolts and locks he's come across that could easily be removed using nothing more than a screwdriver.

    Thanks so much to Fumi for bringing us along with you and giving us an inside look at FMI Professional Locksmiths.

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