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Merchants of Helcim - SYSCAL

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Miranda Russell | September 10, 2018

“Our first installment of Merchants of Helcim features SYSCAL, a management services and IT provider for small businesses in the Calgary area.”
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    We launched our Merchants of Helcim series to showcase some of our merchants and get to know their stories. We're so proud to be able to provide payment and software solutions for a wide range of businesses across many different industries, and this series gives us an opportunity to introduce some of the great people that we get to work with every day.

    Our first installment of Merchants of Helcim features SYSCAL, a management services and IT provider for small businesses in the Calgary area.

    SYSCAL differentiates itself by its ability to enable businesses to grow and bring enterprise solutions to smaller businesses. Dan, the CEO of SYSCAL, and Chris, the COO of SYSCAL, explained that they really enjoy working with small businesses because it allows them to work directly with the decision-maker in an organization.

    Our favorite aspect of the SYSCAL offices is the atrium in the center of the building. Featuring greenery, koi fish, and turtles, the atrium achieves the welcoming, clean, and professional look that SYSCAL wanted when they chose their current space.

    Helcim has been able to support SYSCAL with their payment needs by integrating our services with their quoting system, so they can immediately receive payments for hardware when a customer pays with their credit card.

    SYSCAL CEO Dan explains, "Helcim has really eased the process of quoting on small jobs, we used to spend a lot of time chasing down cheques and payments. It's worked really well with our online payment system." Dan also notes that there are a lot of great integrations included in the software and they're looking forward to future developments they can include in their current system.

    Helcim is proud to partner with SYSCAL for their credit card processing needs, we aim to provide innovative solutions that allow businesses of all sizes to easily accept payments and discover tools, like the integration options or the virtual terminal, that make it easier for them to get paid.

    We had a great time visiting the SYSCAL team at their offices in Calgary. Thank you very much to Dan and Chris for inviting us to tour their offices and learn about their business.

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