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Welcome to the improved Helcim Virtual Terminal

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Ryleigh Stangness | June 28, 2022

“Merchants can look forward to updates including a cleaner interface, better integrations, and a more customized experience. ”
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    The Team at Helcim is proud to launch the latest version of the Helcim Virtual Terminal. We've created an improved payment experience that highlights the important details, making it even easier to get paid, faster than ever!

    Business owners who need to take online payments know how beneficial a virtual terminal can be for invoicing, in-person, and over the phone payments. Now, it's easier than ever thanks to tailor updates based on our merchant feedback.

    Let's dive into the Virtual terminal and some of the latest product updates:

    What is the Helcim Virtual Terminal?

    The Helcim Virtual Terminal allows merchants to process credit card and bank payments remotely. Manually key in information over a call or take payment from an existing customer with a securely stored payment method. No need for expensive equipment, you can process payments online with an existing workstation, tablet or the Helcim Payment App.

    What Has Improved?

    Fresh look: Navigate and fill in the essential details with a simplified and cleaner-looking terminal. We've added a new Payment summary section that makes it easier for you to review payments before taking a payment from your customers.

    Take credit cards or bank payments under one section: Easily switch between your preferred payment method of credit card or bank payment using a simple toggle. Helcim Bank Payments is an alternative payment method that directly collects funds from your customer's bank account. Enjoy lower rates than credit cards while keeping similar deposit times. Bank payments are a great way to offer your customers more options to pay and simplify subscriptions, invoices and recurring payments.

    Improved platform Integrations: Attach your invoices and customer details faster and straight from your Helcim account. Partial payments are also tracked more effectively and you can also configure automated emails and digital receipts.

    Custom Details: Add custom details such as an invoice number and custom tax amounts for new transactions straight from the Helcim Virtual Terminal. A flexible feature to easily change transaction details on the fly.

    More Options Section: Add additional information based transactions and invoice details. Specify terminal location, purchase or pre-authorization, invoice type, and currency.

    Share Feedback: Instantly send feedback and feature requests based on your experience and needs through the new Feedback tool. Helcim's goal is to build a better payment experience through the Virtual Terminal based on every merchant's needs.

    How Do I Use the Helcim Virtual Terminal?

    The Helcim Virtual Terminal is perfect for any business looking to quickly process remote payments or attach an existing invoice. Any transaction through the Virtual Terminal is as customizable as you want to build it. Find this tool right in your Helcim platform under the Payments section. An easily adaptable tool for your day-to-day operations, seasonal needs, or as part of a new payment experience.

    Make a payment in these simple steps:

    1. Add customer or invoice details (optional step)

    2. Enter transaction amount

    3. Enter Credit Card or Banking information

    4. Submit payment

    5. Get paid!

    Have Questions?

    Give our Merchant Experience team a call anytime! They're always standing by, ready to help you with any questions you might have about payments. You can also check out our support articles on Helcim Virtual Terminal for help getting started.

    Make the Most of Your Payments with the Virtual Terminal

    As part of creating a better payment solution, we will continue to update and refine your experience throughout the platform. We know the Virtual Terminal is an important tool for our merchants, who need to take payments from their computer or on-the-go, with or without a card reader. Now available for all Helcim merchants for another way you can feel good about your payments.

    It's time to feel good about your payments.

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