Being able to accept credit card payments using your mobile device can be beneficial for businesses who attend pop-up events or tradeshows, have employees who work outside of the office, or want to be able to accept payments quickly or easily.

All you need is a tablet or a smartphone to begin accepting mobile payments from customers. Here is a step by step guide to mobile credit card processing.

1.) Download a POS application

The mobile application should be compatible with all tablets and smartphones including the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The Helcim Mobile Point-of-Sale App automatically downloads your product catalog, and tax settings, so you can immediately start selling through the point of sale.

2.) Plug in the Mobile Card Reader

The Helcim Mobile Card-Reader lets your business accept credit card transactions easily, you simply plug the reader into the audio jack of your mobile device. The reader will encrypt any credit card data before it enters your phone, so customers can be confident that their personal information is being protected.

3.) Enter the transaction amount

To process a transaction, enter the amount of the sale and then swipe the customer's card through the mobile card reader. The transaction will be processed in real time using your 3G, LTE or WiFi network. You’ll immediately know if the transaction is approved or not.

4.) Have the Customer sign for the transaction

Once the transaction is approved, the mobile application will automatically prompt the customer for a signature. Simply turn the device towards the customer, and they can sign for the purchase using the touchscreen of your device.

5.) Email a copy of the receipt to the customer

Once the customer signs for the purchase, you can quickly send them an email receipt, so they have a record of the transaction. The payment will also be recorded in your businesses transaction history, so you can see which transactions have been processed.

Mobile credit card processing is a convenient and cost-effective way to accept payments. Using the POS application, the mobile devices that you already own can easily convert to payment terminals, so your business can accept payments anywhere.