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Credit Card Processing Application

Advances in technology and payment processing software mean that business owners now have more options for their business, including choosing between different mobile credit card processing apps.

Using a credit card application on your mobile devices to accept payments makes it easier for customers to make purchases from you, gives your business flexibility, and it can be very cost-effective compared to traditional POS options. If your business is looking for a mobile credit card application here are five features you should check for before selecting a mobile credit card app for your business.

1.) Mobile Compatibility 

Before you select a mobile payment app, check which mobile devices it’s compatible with. The Helcim Payments app is compatible with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device giving you the flexibility to use different devices depending on personal preference or to switch your preferred device without having to worry if your credit card processing app will be compatible with the new device.

2.) Unlimited Users and Devices

Some mobile apps might limit the number of users you can have or charge you an additional fee for new users. Checking how many users and devices can use the application will ensure your business doesn’t encounter unexpected fees or limits that you weren’t expecting. Helcim doesn’t charge any per-user or per-device fees so your business can download the app to an unlimited number of devices. Each user can also have their own user account which gives you control over user access and history.

3.) Accept Signatures and Send Receipts 

Once a credit card is swiped and approved, having the ability to get customers to sign for the purchase and then get a receipt emailed to them helps build trust in your business. Customers will often want a record of the transaction for their own records, so it’s important that your credit card processing app be able to offer this function.

4.) Data Synchronization

If you’re using a mobile POS, mobile applications, and an online merchant account, it will be important that the software you select is able to synchronize data across the different platforms. Data synchronization will help simplify your record keeping and ensure that you always have access to the most up-to-date information, no matter which device you’re using.

5.) Easy to use Card Reader

A mobile payment app needs a card reader to be functional. The card reader will allow you to accept credit card transactions with ease once it’s connected to your device’s audio jack.

Using a credit card processing app as a mobile point of sale is a great way to quickly begin accepting credit card payment from any location. By ensuring the application you choose has the features mentioned above you’ll be equipping your business with the technology it needs to quickly take payments and keep customers happy.

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