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The #1 Reason This Dental Hygiene Practice Stays With Their Payment Provider

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Labib Ahmad | July 28, 2023

“Helcim joins Colette Murray, Owner and Hygienist, for a conversation on how Helcim has made payments for her dental business simple, easy, and uncomplicated.”
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    In the business marketplace, where many businesses find themselves trapped in complicated contracts and buried in hidden fees, a Calgary dental hygienist shares her inspiring story of working with Helcim and the freedom it grants her.

    Meet Colette Murray and Access Dental Hygiene Services

    Colette, the owner of Access Dental Hygiene Services (ADHS), a mobile dental hygiene provider, offers dental check-ups and services to clients from the comfort of their own spaces. Colette has been a dental hygienist for more than 21 years, owner of ADHS for almost 10 years, and recently marked her 1 year anniversary with Helcim.

    Her commitment to creating healthy smiles and empowering clients through education has paved the way for her to introduce her exceptional mobile dental service to the Calgary area. She has also played a vital role in the community, raising awareness about the importance of preventative oral health.

    The freedom to choose

    What truly sets Helcim apart from other payment processing companies, according to Colette, is the commitment to no contracts, no monthly fees, and no hidden costs. As a small business owner, these factors have proven to be the key to Colette's satisfaction with Helcim.

    I'm finding that I have the freedom as a business owner to make decisions since I'm not tied to a complicated contract. I like that. And honestly, the freedom to leave is actually why I stay.

    Before making the switch to Helcim, Colette expressed she was frustrated with being tied to a long contract with her previous provider. Hidden administration fees were a constant annoyance, eating into her hard-earned profits as a small business owner. With Helcim, Colette is pleased to say she no longer feels burdened by such unnecessary expenses - because there are none!

    "I like being a business owner and providing care in a nontraditional way. Helcim has been kind of a breath of fresh air, honestly," Colette explains.

    Helcim's transparent Interchange Plus pricing allows Colette to only pay for the transactions she actually processes without any extra fees. "With my past processor, I didn't like that after a year, I was charged a large charge as a yearly administration," she says, referring to one of the many common extra fees payment processors like to nestle into merchant statements.

    It's time to save with Helcim

    Making payment processing simple and easy

    As a mobile dental hygienist, Colette accepts payments through insurance, e-transfers, and credit cards. Beyond the cost savings and transparent pricing, she finds Helcim's ease of use and accessibility to be invaluable. For example, she explains that Helcim's virtual terminal and user-friendly app have streamlined the billing process, allowing her to focus on what she loves most, without having to worry about payments —providing quality care to her clients.

    After 10 years as a business owner, Colette says Helcim's approach to payment processing has changed her opinion of the payment processing industry as a whole. Once associated with complications and hidden surprises, Helcim's simplicity and no-nonsense approach have shattered those preconceptions.

    I think the five words I would use to describe Helcim are: simple, cost-effective, no surprises, easy, and uncomplicated.

    A personal connection

    Even in the event of an issue, Colette says overall, her experience with Helcim has been smooth. Whenever she encountered a question that needed a quick answer so she could get back to her business operations, she says she has always appreciated the convenience of reaching out through a simple phone call and receiving quick assistance. Because of this superb customer service, Colette has even recommended Helcim to some of her peers in the dental space.

    Final thoughts

    Colette says her favourite thing about working with Helcim is that it is on her terms. She prefers not being locked into a long contract and the freedom to walk away without financial penalty- which ultimately, she says, is the reason she stays. With Helcim's no contracts, no monthly fees and no hidden costs approach, Helcim helps to support Access Dental Hygiene Services to thrive while providing top-notch care and seamless customer experience.

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