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Transforming Lives With Honesty and Affordability: Sana Psychological's Journey With Helcim

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Ryleigh Stangness | June 29, 2023

“Helcim joins Paige Abbott, Owner and Psychologist, for an inside look at her practice and switching to a new pricing model to lower her processing fees.”
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    The power of honest conversations: Inside Sana Psychological's journey

    In the bustling world of psychology, where honest conversations and personal growth arze paramount, Sana Psychological stands out as a beacon of connection and positive change. Led by Paige Abbott, the owner and driving force behind the business, Sana Psychological has been transforming lives for years. In this interview, we delve into Paige's journey and discover how her collaboration with Helcim, a payment processing company that values affordability, has enhanced her business.

    Paige's passion for connecting with people shines through when asked about her favorite part of what she does. "I love seeing people have honest conversations about where they're at, how they're doing, where they want to go, and seeing them grow and change," she enthuses. However, with all the overhead costs of running a practice, Paige was facing a common challenge for many business owners: high payment processing fees.

    A local business recommendation that transformed Sana Psychological on the search for affordable payments

    Paige shares her experience, "Working with previous payment processors, I found it was okay, but the fees were really high, and that's what prompted me to switch to Helcim." The affordability of Helcim's merchant fee structure, coupled with its reputation as a transparent payment processor recommended by fellow entrepreneurs, made it a hopeful choice for Paige and her psychology practice.

    Helcim's Interchange Plus pricing, which passes on the interchange fee with a small markup straight to merchants, allows Paige to pocket savings on transactions with lower interchange rates than flat rate processors. And with no monthly or extra fees, Paige was likely relieved to see a fraction of her usual bill on her merchant statements once she made the switch.

    "My biggest pain point was the fees I faced." -Paige Abbott, Sana Psychological.

    Reflecting on her journey, Paige reveals, "My biggest pain point was the fees I faced." With Helcim, she found a solution that aligned with her values as a small business owner, empowering her to redirect those savings toward providing even better services to her clients.

    "My favorite thing about working with Helcim is the fees that I save every month, as well as the customer service." She commends the prompt responsiveness of Helcim representatives, who readily engage with her as a small business owner, addressing any questions or concerns that may arise.

    Broadening payment options: Helcim's impact on client convenience

    A woman holding a Helcim Card Reader

    While Helcim relieved some financial burdens for her psychiatry practice, Paige explains that it also broadened the payment experience for her clients.

    "Before, I didn't have a processing machine, and so with Helcim, I can offer a wider range of payment options for clients," Paige explains.

    The integration of Helcim's credit card processing machines for in-person transactions and the Virtual Terminal's use for remote sessions has brought convenience and diversity to the forefront of her practice.

    Level up with Helcim

    Enabling seamless remote sessions with the Virtual Terminal

    Speaking specifically about the Virtual Terminal, Paige shares, "The Virtual Terminal is really convenient. I find it's a really nice option because some of my sessions are virtual, and I don't have the ability to process them in person. So, it's a very handy option to have." This flexibility has seamlessly integrated into her practice, ensuring smooth transactions regardless of the session format and allowing her to take advantage of online payments.

    When asked if she would recommend Helcim to other business owners, Paige is resolute. "I would absolutely recommend them to other business owners," she affirms. Paige highlights Helcim's status as a local company and their genuine support for small businesses. She emphasizes the convenience of the tools they offer, the affordability of their fee structure, and the exceptional customer service as key factors contributing to her resounding recommendation.

    Convenience, support, and transparency with Helcim

    In summary, Paige uses five words to encapsulate her experience with Helcim: convenient, supportive, transparent, cost-effective, and efficient. These qualities have become the foundation of her relationship with payment processing, allowing her to focus on what matters most: the growth and transformation of her clients.

    Through the integration of Helcim's credit card machine and the Virtual Terminal, Sana Psychological has expanded its payment options, catering to both in-person and virtual sessions. This enhanced flexibility has not only improved the convenience for clients but also streamlined operations for Paige and her staff.

    With Helcim's affordable fee structure and commitment to supporting small businesses, Paige Abbott wholeheartedly recommends their services to fellow entrepreneurs. Beyond the financial benefits, Paige emphasizes the exceptional customer service provided by Helcim. The responsiveness and engagement of Helcim representatives have fostered a strong relationship, allowing Paige to address any concerns or questions promptly, ensuring the smooth running of her business.

    As more businesses seek a payment processor that values affordability without compromising on quality, the partnership between Sana Psychological and Helcim may very well be a testament to the benefits of finding the right payment processor. Businesses can thrive and flourish by choosing a reliable and cost-effective partner like Helcim, knowing that their financial transactions are in capable hands.

    Paige Abbott and Sana Psychological's journey with Helcim exemplifies the possibilities that arise when small businesses find a payment processing partner that genuinely values their success. As they continue to transform lives and foster positive change, Sana Psychological stands as a shining example of the power of affordable and efficient payment solutions provided by Helcim.

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