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Doug Kasper Accounting, a Helcim Merchant Committed to Client Care

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Labib Ahmad | July 12, 2023

“Meet Doug Kasper, a long-time Helcim merchant who exemplifies care in his accounting business by delivering exceptional personal attention to clients”
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    Care is the foundation of running a thriving business, encompassing the support of clients, the dedicated service we provide, and our commitment to delivering exceptional personal attention to our customers. Doug exemplifies this philosophy. Through his vision, we can see how care goes beyond just the basic requirements of providing a service; it encompasses actively demonstrating empathy, attentiveness, and a commitment to meeting and delivering on the needs and expectations of those who rely on us, precisely when they need us most.

    Welcome Doug Kasper

    Douglas A. Kasper is a highly accomplished Certified Public Accountant (CPA) based in Calgary. He leads a hard-working team of nine skilled accountants at his accounting firm, Douglas A. Kasper Professional Corporation. With a focused commitment to care, Doug diligently caters to the diverse accounting needs of his valued clients, delivering comprehensive financial solutions. At the core of Doug's business lies the devotion to care. Doug believes in the power of genuine relationships with every client. Each client collaboration is treated as a cherished partnership, with every win shared by both client and firm.

    How Helcim makes payments simple

    Doug has worked with Helcim for the last ten years. Over those years, Helcim has allowed Doug to focus on accounting while we take the stress of payments away from him.

    "Helcim keeps things simple. It allows us to devote our time to other matters that are important. That's why we like Helcim."

    Expressing his frustration, Doug explains that other payment processors are overly complex, lack proper communication, and occasionally are unfamiliar with their own processes. With Helcim, he says he can always count on connecting with a well-informed professional who will guide him through any payment solution or process in a very clear and concise manner.

    Doug Kasper Accounting

    Going the extra mile to help clients find savings

    Doug has gone above and beyond to show care for his clients. While reviewing a restaurant's financial statements, Doug realized they were paying excessive amounts of processing fees. Flagging this, he recommended they switch to Helcim for their payment processing needs. After transitioning to Helcim, this restaurant saved approximately $12,000 in fees over the course of one fiscal year, thanks to Doug.

    "We would recommend Helcim for merchant processing to other accountants because it simplifies their lives as well."

    When asked why he suggests Helcim to clients, Doug expresses that his choice was based on Helcim's commitment to transparency by clearly laying out the payment structure and fees from the very beginning. Doug believes in building strong relationships with his clients that are based on trust and open communication.

    "Helcim points out to us which fees are associated with each card and they've managed to keep the fees really reasonable."

    Doug's commitment to care in ensuring his clients receive the best possible solutions has proven that his dedication goes above and beyond just a professional capacity.

    Final thoughts

    The partnership between Douglas A. Kasper Professional Corporation and Helcim is rooted in a shared commitment to care and closely aligned values. Like Helcim, Doug recognizes the profound significance of prioritizing care in every aspect of his operation.

    Doug strives to provide exceptional service, strengthened by a foundation of core values that guide his actions and decisions.

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