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The Best Free Online Invoice Generator Tool on the Web, Gosh Darn It!

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Nic Beique | January 29, 2024

“Go ahead and try our tax adding, PDF exporting, 9-color theme designing, no strings attached free invoice generator today!”
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    Some say launching a free online invoicing tool to capture SEO traffic isn't exciting. They are wrong. Just wait until they experience the thrill of a 9-color theme designer, or the intensity of 1-click PDF exports. Buckle up!

    Your first customer!

    Imagine you’ve just started as a small business and one of the most exciting things happens. Your very first customer says yes!

    “Sounds great, send me an invoice!”

    So what do you do? Yes, in time you’re going to need an accounting platform such as Xero or Quickbooks. And you’re going to need a payment processor, and you’re going to need a CRM system, and all the other things that cost you money to run a business.

    Try our free invoice generator

    But right now, you have a REAL customer that wants to pay you REAL money for your hard work. And the only thing between you and that money is finding a way to place a professional looking invoice (preferably a PDF) in front of them.

    So you go to Google and search for something like “free online invoice tool”. It turns out there are nearly 1 million monthly searches from similar business owners looking for just that.

    Free invoice generator search volume

    There are a lot of “free” tools out there

    but it turns out most of them are pretty bad…

    Most of the big players in the small business accounting, software and payments have a free online invoicing builder tool on their website. Unfortunately most seem to have been stitched together as a way to get that delicious SEO without much effort in whether they are actually helping that small business owner create a really great first invoice.

    Some of them generate invoices that look like they were made by a 6-year old who’s only font option was size 50.

    Some lack basic functionality like adding state sales tax and discounts together.

    Some expect you to learn how to use an entirely new design software.

    Others looked like abandoned development pet projects.

    And the few that are better ones force you to enter your contact information or sign up for their service before letting you download the PDF - which just feels icky.

    Here's a crazy idea

    what if we just made a really good tool without strings attached?

    Instead of broken tools, deliberately missing functionality or forced marketing tactics, what if we just helped that small business owner create a beautiful invoice with just a few clicks - no strings attached?

    Maybe that will translate to good will towards our brand and our service, and when they are ready they will remember their experience with us more fondly?

    So we decided to build the best free online invoice generator tool on the freakin’ web, gosh darn it!

    Our free invoice generator

    And here it is: The best free invoice generator, gosh darn it!

    You can add line items with decimal quantity amounts. You can upload your logo, and change your template color. You can add both federal and state taxes. You can add discounts (% or $) as well as shipping details.

    And most importantly, you can just click “Export PDF” and it will give you a PDF, no email address or forced sign up required! Magic; tada! 🪄

    Because starting a new small business is hard, and you deserve a leg-up. And because every choice we make is a reflection of our values and our brand, even when it comes to an SEO-focused free online invoice generator.


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