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Stronger Together

By Nicolas Beique on Jun 16, 2020

At Helcim, racism goes against everything we believe in and the company culture we’re striving to create.

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Helcim Payments has Evolved

By Nicolas Beique on May 29, 2020

Effective June 1, 2020, all new accounts opened with Helcim will be on the new system. Accounts opened prior to June 1, 2020, will be part of Helcim’s Legacy system.

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Helcim vs. Global Payments

By Nicolas Beique on May 19, 2020

At Helcim, we don’t believe in hiding our per occurrence fees or making you call in and hope you’ve asked all the right questions needed to understand what each of the fees is.

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Helcim vs. First Data

By Nicolas Beique on May 19, 2020

Helcim has a great in-house customer service team because we really care about our customers. If an issue arises our team is committed to working with you to find a solution.

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Helcim vs. Stripe

By Nicolas Beique on May 19, 2020

Get your business running right away, with Helcim you don’t need a programmer, developer or a web designer to get started. Not only does Helcim offer great developer tools (including APIs and Helcim.js) giving businesses the flexibility they need, we offer Helcim Commerce, a full-feature merchant platform that can easily be used without a developer.

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Helcim vs. Moneris

By Nicolas Beique on May 19, 2020

Unlike some payment processors and their $300 early-termination fees, at Helcim we don't need cancellation fees to keep our merchants. Instead, we focus on having great rates, in-house customer service and amazing payment tools for your business.

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COVID-19 Resources for Businesses

By Nicolas Beique on Mar 18, 2020

The impact that COVID-19 has had on businesses in North America is unprecedented. We understand the unique challenges that all businesses are currently facing and want to help wherever we can.

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Helcim COVID-19 Update for Merchants

By Nicolas Beique on Mar 17, 2020

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An Ode to Small Businesses

By Nicolas Beique on Feb 14, 2020

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A Summary of High Output Management by Andy Grove

By Nicolas Beique on Aug 14, 2019

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Helcim's Culture and Expectations

By Nicolas Beique on Jun 2, 2019

I believe it is the CEO’s responsibility to set the tone on culture and what expectations for behavior are at the company so that every new hire has a chance to succeed and thrive.

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Working in Payments is Awesome

By Nicolas Beique on May 20, 2019

On the surface, you might wonder how working in the payment processing industry could be exciting. Talking about credit and debit cards, Visa and Mastercard, interchange rates and bank reconciliation wouldn’t seem like a very popular conversation at a cocktail party. But I want to scratch past the surface and show how payment companies operate in a unique place in the world of business.

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