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The Best Credit Card Reader Is…

Danny Randell | September 9, 2021

“The best credit card reader is also fast. And let’s be honest—we all know what it’s like when it’s not. Read more in this guide.”

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Not Clunky

Gone are the days when a giant two kilogram, curly-corded terminal adorned the desks of every retailer. The best credit card readers today are lightweight—and wireless! You want something that feels good in your customer’s hands, but that still looks professional and offers them a familiar experience, but not something that looks like it hasn’t been updated since the previous decade.


The best credit card reader is also fast. And let’s be honest—we all know what it’s like when it’s not.

You know the feeling.

When you’ve tapped your card and are forced to make awkward eye contact with your server as their old terminal does it’s darndest to connect to the internet and process your payment…it’s the worst.

And it’s the last thing you want for your customers. Get something that works quickly to give you the smoothest transactions possible.


Imagine connecting your card reader via bluetooth to your computer, tablet, or phone; while fifteen years ago that might have been a dream, that capability is a must in today’s world. When you’re looking for the best credit card reader for your business, you need to be looking for one that’s mobile. Even if you rarely take your reader with you outside the office, the ability to go cordless is essential for ease of use even on your countertop.

Integrates with Your POS

This last one is a little more technical, but no less important. Having a card reader that integrates with your POS system makes it easy for you to keep track of receipts, inventory, and sales. When you’ve got a powerful cloud-based POS at your fingertips that works with your card reader, you can glean insights into your customer’s purchasing habits, and even see your most popular ticket items at a glance. Your card reader shouldn’t require additional software or integrations—instead—it should just make your life easier.

The Helcim Card Reader

Did you know the Helcim card reader is all of the above? Plus, it’s affordably priced. Check it out!

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