Choosing a Payment Processor.

Choosing a Payment Processor

Don't be Tricked into Switching Providers by These Sales Pitches

By Radu Georgescu on Mar 12, 2019

High-pressure sales tactics may be used by some ISO’s (Independent Sales Organizations) when they’re speaking to potential merchants and trying to get them to sign up for payment processing.

Choosing a Payment Processor

How Do I Know Which Payment Provider is Right for My Business?

By Miranda Russell on Feb 5, 2019

Choosing a Payment Processor

Don’t Overpay for Credit Card Processing

By Jeff Merkel on Jan 31, 2019

You can help save your business money before you even sign up with a processor by doing your research and shopping around for a payment provider armed with the knowledge of what to look for with regard to processing rates and fees.

Choosing a Payment Processor

Ways Some Payment Processors Mislead Merchants

By Radu Georgescu on Dec 4, 2018

By knowing that these payment tricks exist, you can ask the right questions to see through the facades and select a payment processor who is committed to being a good partner for your business.

Choosing a Payment Processor

Advice for any New Business Looking for a Payment Processor

By Radu Georgescu on Oct 16, 2018

I wanted to share my top pieces of advice for you if you’re a new business looking for a payment processor - so you know what to ask, what to watch for and can protect yourself and your business. Whether you decide to go with Helcim or not, we choose to share advice with merchants because we’re committed to building trust in everything we do and giving people the information that they need when they need it.

Choosing a Payment Processor

Interchange Plus Pricing vs Flat Rate Pricing

By Zachary Nickerson on Jul 17, 2018

The payments industry is full of different credit card processing price structures, making it difficult for business owners to immediately tell which price structure will be best for their business.

Choosing a Payment Processor

What to Look for in Credit Card Processing Reviews

By Miranda Russell on Jul 4, 2018

Credit card processing reviews aren’t all equal, the quality of the information and knowledge of the reviewer can impact how helpful the reviews are.

Choosing a Payment Processor

5 Things to Ask Your Merchant Account Provider

By Miranda Russell on Jun 25, 2018

Before signing up for a merchant account ask these five crucial questions to ensure you understand what your credit card processor will be providing for your business.

Choosing a Payment Processor

The Best and Worst Practices of Canadian Merchant Account Providers

By Nicolas Beique on Feb 24, 2018

We’ve compiled a list of the best and worst (mostly worst) practices of Canadian merchant account providers and credit card processors.

Choosing a Payment Processor

Why Interchange Differential Pricing Is Costing You Too Much

By Nicolas Beique on Dec 14, 2016

Almost every processor in Canada now uses an interchange differential as their pricing method. Explore how this is costing you money.

Choosing a Payment Processor

Understanding Qualified, Mid-Qualified & Non-Qualified Credit Card Processing Fees

By Nicolas Beique on Nov 23, 2016

There are a a few different types of credit card processing fees that processing companies charge their merchants. Here are the most popular.

Choosing a Payment Processor

Easily Add a Donate Button to a Nonprofit Site

By Nicolas Beique on Oct 26, 2016

You can easily collected credit card numbers by phone or through donation forms and manually process them from any computer or tablet.

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