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Top digital payment trends to watch in 2023

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Anthony Martin | September 18, 2023

“From the rise of mobile commerce to enhanced fraud detection, these are the top online payment trends to watch out for in 2023.”
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    In the blink of an eye, your favorite morning coffee is paid for without the cashier ever touching your card. Remember when that felt like magic? Just a decade ago, the thought of tapping our phones or watches against a terminal and walking away with our purchase seemed like a scene from a futuristic movie.

    Yet, here we are, navigating a reality where two-thirds of adults worldwide now make or receive a digital payment. The dance between convenience and technology has reshaped our notions of transaction, bringing us to the forefront of an era where our wallets may soon be obsolete.

    Are you curious to uncover the horizon for this thrilling voyage of digital payments? Join us in exploring trends that predict and craft our financial futures.

    Rise of contactless payments

    A subtle revolution is taking place at your fingertips, quite literally. Contactless payments, harnessing the magic of [tap and pay] ( or Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, are painting a future where waiting in winding queues and fumbling with coins become tales of the past.

    Picture this: a world where a mere tap or wave of your card, smartphone, or wearable transports you instantly through transit gates, finalizes your grocery haul, or settles your cinema ticket. As global events, like the COVID-19 pandemic, added urgency to reduce physical touchpoints, businesses quickly adapted, making the seamless dance of contactless transactions a mainstay.

    This trend is a testament to modern technology's marvels and serves as a beacon, illuminating the path toward an efficient, secure, and fluid financial future.

    Digital wallets and mobile payments solutions

    A person paying with nfc technology in a restaurant (Image by Freepik)

    im Pendergast, Senior Vice President at altLINE Sobanco, says, "Remember the days when we sifted through our leather wallets, fumbling for the right card or exact change? Enter digital wallets and mobile payment solutions, the modern-day superheroes of transactions. These tools are virtual repositories, stashing everything from our credit and loyalty cards to coupons, streamlining payments into a tap, a scan, or even a simple click on our smartphones."

    Companies from Apple to Google are racing to perfect these, recognizing the intersection of convenience and security as paramount. As more businesses accept and even prefer these methods, individuals can anticipate a world where online or offline shopping becomes swift but also seamless and secure.

    The ripple effects? Time saved, fewer errors, and a smoother flow in the commerce stream. So, next time you purchase that latte or order online, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of digital evolution, simplifying your transaction.

    Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

    Imagine a world where every transaction you make is secure and recorded in an indestructible ledger, visible to all but tamperable by none. This is the allure of blockchain, a digital diary that vouches for every coin's journey, making counterfeits or double-spending virtually impossible.

    Jerry Han, CMO at PrizeRebel, adds, "Cryptocurrencies are the digital gold pieces, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, that live on these blockchains. Unlike your regular dollars or euros governed by banks and nations, these digital currencies are decentralized. Their value and trust come from complex mathematical puzzles and the collective agreement of their community."

    As more businesses and consumers gaze towards this blend of tech and finance, it's clear that the future of payments might just lie beyond our traditional banks in the vast and growing realm of cryptos and blockchains.

    The growth of uy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) platforms

    One trend that has swiftly captured the attention of consumers and businesses alike is the meteoric rise of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) platforms. Picture this: you're eyeing that sleek gadget or stylish outfit online, and instead of the age-old checkout process, you're presented with an irresistible option to "Buy Now, Pay Later." It's like a futuristic financial fairy godmother granting your shopping wishes. But how does this enchanting concept work?

    Michael Power, CMO at DTF Transfers, explains further, "BNPL platforms are essentially modern-day magic carpets of commerce. They allow you to make purchases instantly while deferring the payment to a later date. It's like having a temporary treasure chest where you can stockpile your desired items immediately without needing to dip into your actual gold reserves."

    Of course, the question therefore follows, is Buy Now, Pay Later too good to be true and are consumer behaviors aligned with this financial innovation? Time will tell.

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    P2P (Peer-to-Peer) transfer platforms

    Picture a world where sending money to a friend is as easy as sending a text message – no complicated bank codes, no lengthy forms. That's the magic of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Transfer Platforms, and they're making waves in the digital payment landscape.

    Imagine you owe your buddy for that epic concert ticket, or you need to split the bill at the hippest new café. Instead of fumbling for cash or resorting to old-school bank transfers, P2P platforms step in like your tech-savvy fairy godmother.

    Here's the lowdown: P2P Transfer Platforms are digital tools that let you shuffle money directly from your account to someone else's with just a few taps on your smartphone. Think Venmo, Zelle, or even Canada’s Interact Etransfer. They're like the modern-day version of handing over cash but in a virtual, secure realm.

    These platforms are your go-to when speed and simplicity are non-negotiable. The beauty? You don't need to know complicated bank account numbers or routing codes – just your pal's username or phone number. It's like sending an email but with money!

    Biometric verification in payments

    Here's what Jonathan Elster, CEO at EcomHalo, has to say: "Biometric verification taps into your distinct physical markers like your fingerprint, retina, or even your radiant smile to make sure you are really you. This takes security up a notch since these traits are exceptionally hard to fake.

    No more fumbling for cards or remembering those ever-elusive PINs. It's like turning yourself into a walking, talking password only you possess. Think about it as a high-tech guardian angel for your transactions, ensuring your hard-earned cash stays put."

    So, while you embrace the latest digital payment trends, keep your eyes on the horizon for biometric verification – the futuristic fusion of convenience and security that could revolutionize how we pay in the digital age.


    As we hurtle into the future, our wallets might be the first thing left behind in the dust. The future of digital payments is not just a tale of convenience – it's a saga of security and sci-fi dreams turned reality.

    From the rhythm of your heartbeat to the twinkle in your eye, the payment trends on the horizon are rewriting the rulebook. The future of payments is knocking, inviting you to step into a realm where your touch and tech blend seamlessly.

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