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Spring Cleaning for Your Business: 2 Reasons You Should and 4 Things You Can Do to Start

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Danny Randell | May 20, 2021

“Interested in how to spring clean Your business? Here are some quick tips You should do in Spring, maximizing Your business's efficiency.”
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    Why You Should

    Your Clients/Customers Will Thank You

    If you're like most of us over the past year, you've probably been surviving a little more than thriving, and maybe not welcoming as many people in person to your business as you might have before. As a light begins to emerge at the end of the tunnel however, you'll want to have a space that feels welcoming to your customers when they return. When customers see how you take care of your workspace, they get an idea of how you take care of your clients. Remember: Whether or not your cleanliness level is indicative of how your care for your clients, perception is everything in business.

    You'll Feel Better!

    Have you noticed how tiring this last year seems to have been for everybody? Sometimes it can seem like your best effort isn't enough, and it can be hard to measure progress in a year with a pandemic, but cleaning out your place of business is achievable and measurable-and the reward is almost instant!

    Allowing yourself some time to make your work a more enjoyable place to be is a great way to relieve stress. As you discard some of the things cluttering up your space or say goodbye to an old uncomfortable office chair, you might find yourself a little more motivated come Monday morning.

    How to Get Started

    Clean Your Personal Workspace! This is easily the most rewarding and achievable cleaning chore. Take a small space, like your desk, office (or kitchen table maybe!) and put away any loose items that you don't need today. Start an informal file or drawer system if it helps you to prioritize what needs to be done today, tomorrow, the next day, etc.

    Clean Your Office/Shop/Storefront

    Time to sweep the floor, vacuum, or now that it's spring (finally!) add some paint to spruce up a drab looking wall. If you have a bit of a green thumb try potting some flowers near the entrance to your business. A few nice additional touches on the outside and inside can make your place of operations more welcoming to customers.

    Dump Outdated Information (DYK there are laws about this?)

    Time to head over to the filing cabinet in your office, or the back room, or the bank boxes in the garage. Do you have old files you've been keeping that you no longer need to? Most industries have standardized filing practices which require you to keep records of past jobs/clients for a certain period of time. Take a look to see how long you're required to keep old files, and if you no longer need them-dump them (responsibly of course!).

    Junk Your Old Terminal

    Now, your office is smelling fresh, your shop front looks well polished and welcoming, and you've sent a ton of paper through the shredder. Doesn't that feel good? One thing you haven't gotten around to though is junking that old nineties credit card terminal that's been cluttering up your counter. Not to fear! Helcim has an excellent alternative for you in the form of the Helcim Card Reader. Lightweight, portable, sleek-it does everything your old one does and more (it will even connect via Bluetooth to your phone!). If you're feeling confident about your 2021 spring clean and want to see how Helcim can help you clean up your payment experience, give one of our Gurus a call today!

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