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What Are Payment Links?

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Alivia Massimillo | May 1, 2024

“Let’s talk about payment links. They’re a simple, quick way for your business to receive payments without hassle.”
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    Let’s talk about payment links. They’re a simple, quick way for your business to receive payments without hassle. No more waiting for checks or dealing with complicated card machines. Just send a link, and the job’s done. The best part? It’s easy for your customers, too! They click, pay, and you see the funds in your account right away.

    Interested in cutting out the complication of traditional payment methods? Read on to learn how implementing payment links can translate to fewer headaches and faster transactions for your business.

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    What is a payment link?

    A link for payment is a simple and secure way to request and receive payments online. This allows you to create a personalized link or a scannable QR code that you can share via email, messaging apps, social media, or other channels to request money.

    When someone taps on your payment link, they will be pushed to a checkout page to put their payment details and complete the transaction. The money then gets directly deposited into your connected account, eliminating the need for cash or checks.

    Payment links basically make it easy to get paid for anything, from selling products and services to collecting donations, even payments, and reimbursements. With just a link. Anyone can pay you from their computer or mobile device.

    Who uses payment links and why?

    Payment links are used by a wide variety of people and businesses to easily accept one-time or recurring payments online. Some of the most common users of payment links include:

    Freelancers and solopreneurs:

    Freelance writers, designers, consultants, and other solopreneurs use payment links to easily invoice clients and receive payments without setting up a full-fledged website or storefront.

    Small businesses:

    Small businesses, such as local shops, service providers, and online retailers, use payment links to broaden their payment options. They can embed links on social media, share them in emails, or even put QR codes in their physical stores.

    Non-profits and charities:

    Charities and non-profits rely on payment links for streamlined donations. They can include links on their websites, in email campaigns, and during fundraising drives, making it convenient for supporters to donate.

    Event organizers:

    Conferences, workshops, festivals, and other events utilize payment links to simplify ticket sales and registration processes.

    Everyday users:

    Payment links aren't just for businesses - anyone can take advantage of their convenience! They’re perfect for collecting rents from roommates, getting reimbursed for shared expenses, or selling used items online.

    What are the advantages of using payment links?

    Getting paid shouldn’t be a struggle. Payment links offer a remarkably simple and secure way to streamline how you collect money. Here’s what makes them awesome:

    Get paid quickly, without the fuss:

    Waiting for checks or chasing outstanding invoices wastes time. With payment links, customers pay you in a few clicks from wherever they are. This means you get your money faster and with much less hassle. Plus, some providers even offer automatic payment reminders, adding an extra layer of convenience for everyone involved.

    Flexible payment options for everyone:

    You don’t need a fancy website to use payment links. Share them easily through email, social media, text messages, or even with a QR code for in-person payments. This gives your customers the flexibility to choose how to pay.

    Worry-free security:

    Reputable payment link providers take security seriously. They use encryption and other safeguards to protect your financial information. With payment links, you can rest easy knowing your payment and confidential information are safe.

    One solution, many uses:

    From individual transactions to recurring subscriptions, and from selling goods to accepting support for a cause, payment links streamline your financial interactions. They replace the need for multiple payment systems.

    Track your finances with ease:

    Many payment link providers offer tools to track payments and view financial data. This simplifies your accounting and helps you keep track of what’s coming and going.

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    How to create payment links?

    Here’s how you can create payment links and take the hassle out of getting paid. It’s surprisingly simple - let’s show you how.

    Step 1. Choose your platform

    Start with picking a platform that resonates with your business or individual needs. Remember, your choice should align with the payment methods your customers prefer and the type of reporting you need.

    Step 2. Customization is key

    Payment link providers allow you to modify various aspects of your payment link. Let’s break it down:

    Payment amount: Decide if your link will request a fixed amount or if you want to leave it open for variable inputs - a great option for donations.

    Payment methods: Choose whether to accept credit cards, digital wallets like Apple Pay, or both.

    Link Expiration: Useful for limited offers, deciding when your link expires can add urgency and help manage availability.

    Styling: Thrown in your brand’s colors, fonts, and logo to keep the payment experience on-brand and professional. A branded payment link instantly adds credibility. Customers feel more secure knowing they’re dealing with a legitimate entity, making them more likely to hit “pay” with confidence.

    Recurring Billing: If you offer subscriptions, enable this to make life easier for both you and your customers.

    Coupons and Discounts: Who doesn’t love a good deal? Offer special discounts, if applicable, directly through your payment link.

    Order Information: Collect essential details like names and emails to build your customer database.

    Step 3. Choose your link type

    Depending on how and where you’re engaging with your customers, you can choose your payment link to be a simple URL, an interactive button, or even QR code.

    Link: Perfect for emails and direct messages, a straightforward link is the most flexible option.

    Button: If you’re sharing your payment link on your website or in a newsletter, a button can be more visually appealing and encourage clicks.

    QR Code: Great for physical locations, printed materials, or even screens at events. Customers can scan and pay in a snap with this type.

    Step 4. Share and collect

    Once you’ve set everything up, it’s time to share your payment link through your chosen channels. Whether it’s an email blast, a social media post, or embedded in your website, make sure it’s visible and easily accessible to your customers.

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    Smart Ways to Use Payment Links

    Social Media Platforms

    Social media is your playground for connecting with customers. Payment links make those connections pay off!

    - Post Links Directly: Sell products, collect donations, or gather ticket sales - share your payment link directly in your social media posts for a seamless transaction.

    - Profile Buttons: Make it easy for people to support or buy from you! Many platforms let you add a payment link button to your profile or business page.

    - Targeted Ads: Reach new audiences and convert interest into sales. Run targeted ads with a clear “Pay Now” call to action that leads directly to your payment link.

    Emails and text messages

    Emails and texts are your direct line to customers. Payment links turn those messages into instant payments.

    - Embed in Invoices: Ditch the back-and-forth! Include payment links directly in your email invoices, making it a breeze for customers to settle their dues.

    - Direct Requests: Need a quick way to collect money? Text a payment link! Perfect for reimbursements, splitting bills, or collecting small fees on the move.

    - Newsletters: Donations, subscriptions, or special offers? Include payment links in your newsletters for an easy way for interested customers to convert.

    Website or blog

    Your website/blog is your digital storefront. Payment links can be strategically placed to encourage purchases or subscriptions.

    - “Pay Now” Buttons: Make buying a breeze! Integrate clickable “Pay Now” buttons throughout your site for effortless product or service purchases.

    - Content Monetization: Looking to monetize your valuable content? Link to paid content or membership subscriptions using payment links.

    In-person selling

    Payment links can also be a valuable asset in face-to-face transactions, creating a smooth and flexible payment experience for both you and your customers.

    - QR Codes: Generate a QR code linked to your payment link. Customers can scan this code with their smartphones to instantly access the payment page on their device. This is a perfect solution for markets, events, or any situation where physical card transactions may not be practical.

    Customer service chats

    Payment links can even improve your customer service:

    - Quick Payments: Customers love convenience! Offering payment within the chat eliminates the need for platform switching, customers leaving the chat and changing their minds, or even going through the hassle of complex payment processes.

    Want to give payment links a try?

    If you’re ready to see how easy payment links can be, Helcim is your answer. With our Hosted Payment Pages, you’ll unlock the power of getting paid, your way:

    Effortless setup:

    Get your custom payment page ready to collect money in mere minutes! No lengthy forms to fill out.

    Make it yours:

    Take control! Add the information fields you need and personalize the design to match your brand.

    Try it now, risk-free:

    Our signup form takes just 5 minutes to complete and requires only basic information.

    Immediate access:

    No waiting for approvals! Start using your Helcim account the moment you create it.

    Why wait any longer? Experience a better way to get paid. Get started with Helcim today!

    Frequently asked questions

    How secure are payment links?

    Payment links provided by trustworthy companies offer a secure way to receive money. They use encryption, fraud prevention tools, and follow strict security protocols. However, it’s essential to choose a provider with a strong reputation for protecting your financial data.

    Do payment links support multiple payment methods?

    Many providers allow you to accept various payment methods like credit-debit cards, digital wallets, and even bank transfers in some cases.

    Can I reuse a payment link?

    This depends on the provider. Some links are designed for one-time use (like a specific invoice), while others can be reused for multiple transactions or recurring payments. Be sure to check your provider’s settings!

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