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The Helcim Merchant Newsletter May 2023

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Nic Beique | May 18, 2023

“This is the third post in our quarterly merchant newsletter series, written by Nic Beique, Founder and CEO of Helcim.”
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    Welcome to our 3rd installment of our quarterly merchant newsletter! (Read February's Merchant Newsletter here if you missed it). Our ongoing goal with these newsletters is to give you an inside look at what’s going on at Helcim, and all of the new things we’re working on to help businesses like yours grow. We have some juicy updates for you, so let’s get started!

    📱 The Helcim Smart Terminal is almost here

    We have good news on the Helcim Smart Terminal! Our first manufactured batch of our new Helcim Smart Terminal units have arrived at our deployment facilities in the US and Canada. You can see a live production unit in the photo above, pre-loaded with the Helcim app. The team has worked tirelessly on creating an amazing payment experience for our merchants and customers, and we’re super excited to have you experience it yourself!

    Awaiting final certifications

    Deploying a new terminal is a complex logistical ordeal, from manufacturing to certifications, to encryption, servicing and more. Before we can ship these units, we are awaiting final certifications from the card-networks and are targeting a release before the end of June.

    💰 Helcim Fee Saver (surcharge and convenience fees) is almost ready

    Last summer we surveyed our merchants and asked if you would be interested in the ability to surcharge and add convenience fees to credit card transactions. The feedback was a resounding yes! So, we rolled up our sleeves and started working on a platform-wide feature called Helcim Fee Saver.

    With a single toggle in your account settings, customers are given the choice to pay either with credit card or by an ACH transfer. If your customer selects credit card payments, the processing fees will be passed on to them. Alternatively, customers can choose to forego the extra fee and pay via ACH, which has a much lower processing fee. A win-win for your business!

    To start, this feature is for online transactions only including Invoicing and HelcimPay.js integrations. We are looking to also enable this for in-person payments later in the year.

    🌈 Additional feature updates

    The team and I are also excited to share some recent updates to our merchant platform:

    🟢 HelcimPay.js now supports ACH

    In the last newsletter we announced our next-generation developer tool called HelcimPay.js - an API + Javascript widget that makes it very easy to add payments to any app or website. In addition to credit card payments, the tool now supports ACH transactions, giving you another affordable option to easily accept payments.

    🟢 New Subscription Manager (coming soon)

    Our new Subscription Manager will make it easier to set up recurring payments for credit, debit, and ACH. With a simplified user interface and more features, this tool will replace our earlier recurring payment suite. We now have merchants who are testing out the new Subscription Manager, and you can expect to hear about a wider release very soon.

    🟢 Navigation Spring Refresh (coming soon)

    Your dashboard icons will be sporting a new look in the coming weeks. We are also excited to share that Virtual Terminal will now have its own icon so you can quickly access the tool without having to go through the Payments section of your account.

    Thank you for your continued trust in Helcim, and be sure to enjoy the nice spring weather!

    -Nic Helcim Founder & CEO

    BTW: If you didn’t catch our April Fool’s video, you can still watch how we introduced “Remote-Remote” work to the world. 😉

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