New Invoicing Features to Improve Your Experience
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New Invoicing Features to Improve Your Experience

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Miranda Russell | December 15, 2020

“Helcim Invoicing is used by businesses across all different types of industries to quickly and easily collect payments from customers.”
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    Helcim Invoicing

    Helcim Invoicing is used by businesses across all different types of industries to quickly and easily collect payments from customers.

    With easy to send email due reminders and a Pay Now button that makes it easy for customers to submit their payment information, having access to a robust and customizable invoicing tool can be extremely beneficial to businesses.

    Here are the updates and improvements to Helcim Invoicing that make it easier than ever to create branded invoices for your customers. The updates include a simplified edit mode to shorten the time it takes to create a new invoice. Additional improvements include a streamlined theme designer for beautiful invoices, built-in custom fields, and new tax and discount functionality. The details of the update are listed below, or you can sign in now to create an invoice to see the updates live.

    New Online Invoices View

    We have updated the online view of invoices to showcase the new simplified design so invoices are easy to review and pay. You can customize your font choices, brand colors, and logos so your business always looks its best.

    Full Mobile Responsiveness

    Customers can view invoices and pay from their computers, tablets, or mobile devices making it easy to collect payments from anywhere.

    Editing Invoices in Now Faster Than Ever

    We have made it easier to create a new invoice or edit an existing one by simplifying the required fields needed to create an invoice. Additional improvements include making it easier to add items to an invoice using the Add Row buttons.

    Streamlined Theme Designer

    Creating beautiful invoices that reflect your brand helps you build relationships with your customers and ensure they can immediately recognize your brand when you land in their inbox. We have simplified the font and color options in the theme designer to make it easier for you to customize your invoices to compliment your brand.

    Custom Fields are Built-In

    You can now add custom fields while creating or editing an invoice through the Invoice Theme Designer. If you have added custom fields to your invoice they will now be shown until the Details section of the invoice.

    Customize Your Invoices with Optional Fields

    You can now remove fields that you don't need to be displayed on your invoice. Every business is different and will need to display different fields. Fields such as shipping, tips, discounts, etc., are now optional so you can decide if you want them to be displayed on your invoice.

    New! Apply Tax or Discounts to Individual Items

    We have added new functionality to give you even more control over how you bill customers for their purchases. With this update you can now choose to apply taxes based on individual items, allowing you to combine tax-exempt and taxable products together. You can also apply discounts to items individually, instead of requiring discounts to apply to an entire order.

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